ZipCar review (it sucks)

zipcar hertz
ZipCar is a popular car sharing option. While on the surface it looks like a convenient, cost efficient alternative to owning a car or to traditional car rentals such as Hertz, Avis, etc. However, when you start using it some critical user experience issues come on top making ZipCar no viable option. Continue reading

How to prioritize features

prioritizing featuresPrioritizing features, user stories and epics is one of the main day to day duties of anybody doing product management. It’s important to have set up a proper way of prioritization so that’s your team is building the most valuable features for the users and the most beneficial features for the company. Here are a few methods of prioritizing features. Continue reading


Rottweiler is the most stereotyped and misrepresented dog breed. I have a very nice and friendly one called Lima or officially Lima Von Vasfor because she’s a purebred. She’s part-time fitness instructor, part-time therapy dog and part-time house guardian.

Rottweiler Lima portrait

This infographic below, designed by my dear wife, is dedicated to Lima. This well designed and sleek infographic focuses on the Rottweiler breed, as well as facts and trivia. Continue reading

Uber Review

uber car service

What is Uber?

Uber is a startup private luxury car service company which is based in San Francisco and has expanded out to major cities in the world. The Uber service revolves around the Uber mobile app which makes it convenient to order for car service and book a driver, and expect to be picked up in a few minutes. Continue reading