Go to Space Now!

Go to space now!

New revolutionary technology
We have to admit there hasn’t being any substantial space technology progress for the last 50 years, but rather only some incremental improvements. What we really need is a ground-breaking tech which will substantially change the status quo.

Safer, cheaper, faster
We need safer, cheaper, and faster space vehicles, both for unmanned and manned missions. These vehicles are going to open the space sector up for competition and transform it into a desirable place for commercial projects. We need to make space affordable and accessible in the same way we have done with the Internet.

Organize efforts
We need to focus on collaboration, sharing our knowledge, and organizing our efforts to make significant progress on this goal. It’s clear that only our concerted efforts can help the progress on our way into space.

Take risks
It’s time to take some risks for the future of mankind. There’s no need to risk human life, as we can extensively use robots and unmanned missions for our goal. What we need to risk are investments and technologies on our way to progressing, and that is certainly a risk worth being taken.

Increase R&D funding
We need every incentive we can get to increase the research and development of space technologies – public and private grants, tax incentives, sponsorships. We need to find and fund every potentially valuable idea and encourage startups working in the space sector.

Revise old concepts
There were tons of valuable concepts developed in the early ears of the space age that were rejected for various reasons. We need to take another look at them with today’s understanding and state of technology and science. There might be some gems buried that we need to uncover.

Colonize space
There’s little doubt that life on earth might not be sustainable in the long term due to the multiple internal and external threats. We need to colonize other planets as a backup for humanity. We need to go to space, and now is the best time to start on this path.