How to improve NPS

NPS is an old proven method to measure user satisfaction of your product. First you get the answer to the question “How likely on a scale 1-10 would you recommend our product to friends or family”? Then you calculate the percentage of promoters (9-10) vs. detractors (1-6) and discard passives (7-8).

The problem I find with Net Promoter Score:

  • It’s hard for the user to objectively choose the right number out of this scale.
  • It’s not easy to explain promoters, detractors concept to non professional audience and how it does fit it into user satisfaction.
  • The NPS calculation formula requires additional explanation.

How NPS can be improved and simplified?

Instead of using 1-10 scale, let’s use simple “Yes, would recommend” “No, wouldn’t recommend”. That’s faster and much easier to decide than 1-10 scale. The score would be an easily understandable percentage out of 100 how many users would or wouldn’t recommend your product. An example, out of 100 surveyed users 72 answered yes, I’d recommend and 28 No, I wouldn’t. Then your score would be 72%.

It’s much easier to explain and communicate than the old school NPS and it serves the same purpose and has the same advantages. Simplified ratings results in more ratings being submitted and better accuracy of the rating. It’s much easier to answer ‘yes, no and it’s much easier to decide than oppose to 1-10 scale.