Test tasks for product manager job applicants

product manager test taskThe test tasks aka product manager challenge or cases or homework for product managers job applicants became recently as common as the ones for designers or developers. While there’s nothing wrong with it as a practice these test tasks are often misused and candidates are taken advantage of.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to not proceed with doing test tasks. You will also find the real examples from Uber, Zendesk, Evernote and others at the end. Continue reading

How to fix Evernote

fix evernoteIf you’ve read any reviews for Evernote apps on different platforms like iOS or MacOS, you’ll immediately see some clear patterns in the user feedback. If you then check out the comments on blog posts about Evernote—for example, on Lifehacker—the picture of what the users want and the things that bother them becomes very clear. It seems obvious that Evernote doesn’t pay much attention to user feedback and hasn’t done a whole lot recently to improve the product. Otherwise, the team at Evernote would have already taken some action towards solving some of the following problems. Continue reading

How to create Epics, Specs, User Stories in Product Management

epics user stories acceptance criteria
How does the product vision is turned into the product itself? The CEO and company executives have a vision where the company is going and what the goal is for the next 3-5 years. Company has to have goals to get to the vision. Goals are decided by the executives but defined further into metrics – for example, increase new user signups by 30% this year. Then there’re initiatives the whole company would do to achieve each of those goals. For example, revamp user sign up flow. Continue reading

Challenges of online money transfer startups

online money transferThe existing money transfer players – Western Union, Moneygram, banks – have no incentive to innovate because online money transfer model will significantly change their existing mostly cash based walk-in business model. It’s very unlikely that any innovation will come from them. For example, it will significantly disrupt an agent network for Western Union. Even if they have technologies, resources and ideas the existing money transfer giants hold it back. It strongly reminds of Kodak – the company, which invented digital camera but hold it back being afraid that digital technology will affect its film based business. Continue reading

How to do estimates in product management

product management estimatesHow would you estimate how long will it take to have build something, an app or a website? It’s easy to do the estimates based on historical data – if you’ve done already something similar before a few times. However, if you are building something not done previously it’s relatively hard to do the estimates. Continue reading

Product Management Roadmaps

product roadmapRoadmap provides an overview how the product develops over time and adds new features and functionality. To build a roadmap Product Manager considers business requirements, market trends and engineering constraints. Once the roadmap created, it should be shared with the team so everyone is on the same page, ideally online so if there’s any changes the team will get the updates. Continue reading