Go to Space Now!

Go to space now!

New revolutionary technology
We have to admit there hasn’t being any substantial space technology progress for the last 50 years, but rather only some incremental improvements. What we really need is a ground-breaking tech which will substantially change the status quo. Continue reading

The Future of Mobile Retail Apps

mobile retails apps future

I’ll dig into a few ideas in mobile retail apps space, which might significantly change both the customer’s and retailer’s experience. There’s a few common requirements for retail apps – they should provide an exceptional user experience with the intuitive UI and short learning curve, because you should consider the most non tech savvy customers and employees when targeting your app features. Continue reading

Uber Review

uber car service

What is Uber?

Uber is a startup private luxury car service company which is based in San Francisco and has expanded out to major cities in the world. The Uber service revolves around the Uber mobile app which makes it convenient to order for car service and book a driver, and expect to be picked up in a few minutes. Continue reading