Product Manager Job – Good vs Bad Companies

product manager good jobAuthority
Product Manager needs authority to make a decision and move forward. The good companies give a PM lots of freedom in both strategic and tactical way. When there’s multiple opinions and disagreement, PM is the one to choose the path forward. The bad companies are saying that you’re own the product, you’re mini-ceo but then override PM decisions or change the directions without objective reason.

Support is starting at your immediate boss and goes up to company CEO and the executive team – it comes down to company culture if it’s present or not. The good companies set you up for success by providing training. The bad companies set you up for failure – saying that’s it’s sink or swim and you have to be ready to attack and solve the problems from the day one.

Opportunity to learn
PM role requires constant learning both in methods, tools and techniques, market trends. The good companies encourage learning in every way by paying you for taking courses and conferences, have mentorship system, the bad companies assume that you should come to work by knowing everything out of the bat and learning investment is a waste of money.

Opportunity to grow
It’s natural for a Product Manager to grow with the company and tackle more serious issues with the time or have bigger impact within the team. The good companies encourage professional growth and have plans in place how to accommodate it. The bad companies are saying that you’re good at what you’re doing, we’re interested that you keep doing it.

PM should be aware of everything going on within the company including sales, marketing, legal, etc. – all of this are critical for both strategic and tactical planning. The good companies have open transparent culture by providing all the necessary information. The bad companies has one set of information for investors and other set for employees.