Rottweiler is the most stereotyped and misrepresented dog breed. I have a very nice and friendly one called Lima or officially Lima Von Vasfor because she’s a purebred. She’s part-time fitness instructor, part-time therapy dog and part-time house guardian.

Rottweiler Lima portrait

This infographic below, designed by my dear wife, is dedicated to Lima. This well designed and sleek infographic focuses on the Rottweiler breed, as well as facts and trivia.

It will answer the most frequently asked questions people usually have about a Rottweiler.

  •       What are the pros and cons of owning a Rottweiler?
  •       How much exercise, training and grooming does a Rottweiler need?
  •       What is a Rottweiler’s true personality?

Among those Rottweiler facts covered: breed highlights, breed appearance, history, personality, health and care, training, and pros and cons.

The Rottweiler infographic would be interesting and useful for all current Rottweiler owners, breeders, people considering getting a Rottie puppy and breed enthusiasts.

Rottweiler dog breed infographic